Kubtec has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its low-dose portable digital X-ray system, KUB 250.

The new high resolution, compact and lightweight imaging system has been developed for neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Kubtec research and development director Chester Lowe said: "The KUB 250 has been clinically tested to reduce radiation exposure by up to 40% with our advanced high resolution imaging technology.

"Detailed image enhancement tools and 750 ms image readout reduce the need to re-image these fragile patients, eliminating further potential radiation exposure."

According to the company, the KUB 250 can image with 96µ resolution and eliminates the need to take additional X-rays, minimizing radiation dose to the infant by as much as 40% for each acquired image.

Kubtec president Vikram Butani said: "We believe the KUB 250 will have a tremendous impact on the treatment of infants as it will provide the physicians with the advantage of better diagnostic quality images while reducing the radiation dose to the patients."

The KUB 250 features an articulating arm for decubitus views and a lightweight DR detector that slides directly into the incubator slot, avoiding the need to move the neonate and reducing stress.