KarmelSonix (KSX), a provider in the Acoustic Asthma Management market, has reported that the American Medical Association (AMA) has awarded two new Category III Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes for its Acoustic Respiratory Monitoring technology.

KSX said that the awarded codes are: 0243T – Intermittent measurement of wheeze rate for bronchodilator or bronchial-challenge diagnostic evaluations, with interpretation and report; and 0244T – Continuous measurement of wheeze rate during treatment assessment or during sleep for documentation of nocturnal wheeze and cough for diagnostic evaluation 3 to 24 hours, with interpretation and report.

KSX claimed that the code grant is a key milestone and critical step to provide third-party payment for doctors in the US who use Wheezometry and quantitative Cough evaluation, to diagnose and manage their patients. Availability of reimbursement through Health Insurance Providers will enable accelerated sales in the US market (40% of the global market).

Noam Gavriely, CEO and CMO of KSX, said: “At the same time, having the new code for the spot check of Wheeze Rate during broncho-dilatation, wheeze reversibility and Bronchial Challenge Test, and the second code for continuous monitoring during emergencies and for ambulatory continuous evaluation of wheeze and cough, captures the clinical needs covered by our technology and will boost sales of our PulmoTrack hospital monitor and our Wholter night monitor at home.

“Among other important applications, the continuous measurement code will be used for our new and readily available Acoustic Sleep Testing, an important and growing business for KarmelSonix.”