Kromek, the radiation detection technology company focusing on the medical, security and nuclear markets, announced the launch of eVance, a new generation of CZT-based SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) cameras that forms a vital part of nuclear medical imaging systems used by clinicians today.

eVance combine Kromek’s industry-leading eV-CZT detectors, fully integrated with advanced ASICs and microelectronics technology. This enables OEMs to integrate turn-key CZT cameras into almost all nuclear medical imaging system being sold today, for the diagnosis of disease based on the detection of radiation emitting from within the body.

Based on clinical data from thousands of patients, the improved efficiency and image quality of CZT-based SPECT cameras is delivering superior sensitivity and specificity compared with standard scintillator cameras. The impact to the patient is better diagnostic performance while reducing their overall radiation exposure.

Kromek initiated a program to simplify the market adoption curve to CZT-based semiconductor sensor technology by offering the OEMs eVance cameras as an off-the-shelf solution. The company has begun shipping its Small Field of View cameras for a Thyroid Application and throughout this calendar year will introduce other camera sizes to address specific SPECT imaging applications.

This universal platform is an easy option for both small and large companies to incorporate into their product offerings in a very short period of time without all the cost associated with new technology development.

Arnab Basu, Kromek’s CEO, said: "Kromek’s ability to manufacture detector solutions at an economic cost will allow mainstream adoption over the next few years, which promises to enable a fundamental shift in the market allowing better images and more accurate detection, with lower energy doses and faster cycle times. The superior performance of our eVance cameras is compelling, and is sure to be a platform with a substantially long product lifecycle."