The collaboration will see NASA access Kolabtree’s on-demand scientific experts

The collaboration will see NASA access Kolabtree’s on-demand scientific experts.


Kolabtree, the world’s largest platform for on-demand scientific experts, is one of 13 partners that NASA will access in order to solve high-impact technical challenges. The announcement, which kickstarts NASA’s third iteration of the NOIS (NASA Open Innovation Services) project, will now see Kolabtree provide NASA highly qualified freelancers such as scientists, engineers and researchers.

Through these experts, whose knowledge traverses over 2000 different subject areas from institutes such as MIT and Harvard, Kolabtree makes it easier for companies to access scientific expertise that’s unavailable elsewhere.

The NOIS will seek to foster strong collaboration with its partners, with the emphasis on turning to independent expertise to help test new ideas, further ground-breaking research, build prototypes and standardize best practices.

This is further reflected by the ceiling value increasing from $24.9 to $175 million, a move which will enable  NASA to run challenges that task partner companies with solving some of its most difficult technical problems, using the additional touchpoints created by this program.

Kolabtree’s roster includes a global network of scientific writers, top-rated researchers, academic scholars, technical experts, and industry consultants, experts that are well-equipped to solve problems that will help advance NASA’s space missions. Kolabtree will now be an avenue for NASA to scout for subject matter experts, such as scientific writers and product consultants, best suited to solving a multitude of complex problems related to these missions.

“NOIS2 sees a monumental commitment from NASA to accessing talent externally,” said Ashmita Das, CEO and co-founder of Kolabtree. “It ties in closely with Kolabtree’s mission to democratize access to scientific expertise, by facilitating easy collaboration between businesses and academia. Programs like this are testament to the fact that highly specialized industry experts are incredibly difficult to access on a short-term basis, even for an organization as renowned as NASA.”

Visit NASA Tournament Lab  for more information on the NOIS2 project.

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If you’re working on a scientific project that may benefit from access to independent specialist skills, visit the Kolabtree website and post your project for free.