Kimball Electronics Group, a subsidiary of Kimball International and Avantis Medical Systems have entered into an exclusive arrangement for Kimball to manufacture the Avantis Third Eye Retroscope, a new catheter-based camera device that works in conjunction with existing colonoscopy equipment.

The Third Eye Retroscope is a new disposable device that is deployed through the instrument channel of a standard colonoscope to provide the physician with an additional retrograde (backward) view of the colon along with the colonoscope’s (forward) view. Across three independent clinical studies involving over 900 patients, the Third Eye has demonstrated an additional pre-cancerous adenoma detection rate of up to 25% compared to standard colonoscopy.

The Kimball Electronics-Fremont facility, with its close proximity to Avantis’ headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, is working closely with Avantis to prepare for full-scale manufacturing of the catheter. Initial production has begun at the Kimball Electronics-Fremont facility, with future higher volume production planned for Kimball’s FDA-certified operation in Thailand.

The company said that the addition of the Avantis Third Eye Retroscope adds to the diversification of Kimball Electronics’ medical product portfolio.

Scott Dodson, president and CEO of Avantis Medical Systems, said: “Operating much like a ‘rear-view mirror’ on a colonoscope, our device has the potential to substantially reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer by increasing the detection of pre-cancerous adenomas.

“Kimball’s demonstrated commitment to excellence, their passion for what Avantis is working to accomplish in GI medicine, and their global presence were all key factors in our decision to award them this business.”

Chris Thyen, vice president of business development at Kimball Electronics Group, said: “Being selected by Avantis as their strategic manufacturing partner is an honor, and we are especially proud to have this opportunity to build a product that will be so important in the diagnosis and prevention of such a devastating disease.”

Kimball Electronics Group is a contract electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company that specializes in durable electronics with applications in the medical, automotive, industrial controls, and public safety industries.

Avantis Medical Systems is a visualization technology company focused on delivering cost effective solutions for the improved detection and prevention of cancer in the gastrointestinal tract.