Kika Clinical Solutions (Kika), a provider of advanced EDC solutions for Clinical Asset Management for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device markets, has introduced Veracity 3.10, an advanced EDC platform.

Kika claimed that Veracity is a highly configurable, collaborative platform and that its web services architecture enables customers to integrate Veracity seamlessly into their clinical IT systems.

Additionally, Veracity is expected to enable all clinical trial stakeholders to collect, monitor, adjudicate, analyse and manage all clinical study data (CRF, medical images, lab data, etc) in real time, and store them into a CDISC-ready database.

Kika CEO Linda Beneze said that their customers and partners report that Veracity 3.10 improves their ability to collect, control and maximise their data.

Kika’s Veracity 3.10 has various features and improvements such as document management by offering a set of integrated tools that provide the capability to convert any file to a PDF, perform PDF redaction tasks (for de-identification) and PDF document merging, monitoring queries enhancement.

Veracity 3.10 also includes DICOM Integration Plug-in (DIP) 4.3, an imaging component with a revised user interface that provides clear navigation, icons and menus.

Additionally, Veracity 3.10 includes new tools that improve study configuration efficiency in performing tasks such as site/user data import.