Netherlands-based Kijlstra Ambulance has purchased Zoll Medical's AutoPulse Non-invasive Cardiac Support Pumps to equip its entire fleet of emergency vehicles.

The AutoPulse is a portable automated chest compression device with load-distributing LifeBand that squeezes the entire chest in an uninterrupted hands-free manner, improving blood flow to the heart and brain during sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Kijlstra project coordinator Erwin de Vos said the force and complete thorax compression the AutoPulse administers is superior to manual CPR.

"The AutoPulse moves more blood more effectively than manual chest compressions, thereby providing the best possible patient care," Vos said.

Zoll president Jonathan Rennert said by providing cardiac arrest patients with the AutoPulse’s chest compressions, they believe these patients will be treated with devices for circulatory support and have an improved chance of survival.