Kensey Nash, a regenerative medicine company, and Arthrex, a provider of medical devices in sports medicine for orthopaedic surgeons, have entered into an agreement for the European distribution of Kensey Nash's Cartilage Repair Device (CRD).

Kensey Nash’s CRD technology consists of a biphasic bioresorbable scaffold intended to be implanted at the site of a focal articular cartilage lesion or osteochondral defect in the knee.

The product is indicated to support the regeneration of hyaline cartilage and subchondral bone by promoting the cellular morphology and structural organisation during the healing process.

Pursuant to the agreement, Kensey Nash will exclusively supply the CRD to Arthrex for European marketing and distribution in accordance with the company’s CE Mark approval and other terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Kensey Nash president and CEO Joseph Kaufmann said that this partnership represents an important milestone as they continue Kensey Nash’s mission as a developer of regenerative medicine products.

“We look forward to build upon our relationship with our strategic partner Arthrex, a provider in the sports medicine industry,” Kaufmann said.