Kaia Health the largest global digital therapeutics company on a mission to deliver the most effective digital therapies – anytime, anywhere, today announced the addition of 3D full body mobility assessments, raising the bar for the standard of care delivery with motion analysis technology.

The technology creates a full 3D model of the body, removing the need for restrictive placement of the phone, and tracks the most important skeletal structures with an eye to what clinical teams care about most and with unparalleled precision. Tracking the most relevant points of any company in the world with high precision, allows continuous detection of subtle displacements and mobility limitations in the back, hip, knee, and ankles, something that neither in-person physical therapy or other virtual options can achieve. Using only a smartphone or tablet, there is no need for sensors or additional devices.

Using this quantitative data, members are provided with a personalized physical therapy program, real-time feedback, and specific exercises to help counteract mobility limitations. The technology also enables improved care design by the care team, a better understanding of the member’s progression over time, and as a result, improved clinical outcomes.

“With this new capability, we are able to deliver the most effective digital therapy experience by analyzing movement in real-time and providing a tailored program for each of our members,” according to Simon Hayhurst, chief product officer of Kaia Health. “We are proud to be a world-leader in improving access to great care by delivering this innovative, clinically-validated solution to our members, driving better clinical outcomes and an optimal ROI at scale for our health plan and employer partners.”

The global computer vision in healthcare market is expected to reach $1.05 billion in 20221, and in recent months, the technology has seen rapid adoption among companies that provide MSK solutions.

Kaia Health is a pioneer in MSK technology and computer vision, having introduced it in 2018 with their exercise feedback and assessments capabilities. A study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Medical Internet Research previously demonstrated Kaia Health’s technology to be as accurate as a physical therapist in suggesting exercise corrections.

Source: Company Press Release