K2M, a provider of spinal medical device solutions, has launched its first product in the spinal biologics market, the Vikos Cervical Allograft System.

K2M said that it has worked with LifeNet Health, a allograft bio-implant and regenerative medicine company, to combine machined allograft implants with precision instrumentation.

Vikos has been developed to support surgeon treatment of cervical pathologies with cortical ring and cortical-cancellous implant options in a wide range of sizes.

The implants are designed with lordotic options for proper sagittal alignment and are treated with LifeNet Health’s Preservon technology for storage at ambient temperature.

K2M president and CEO Eric Major said that K2M is excited to be partnering with an organization like LifeNet Health for their first product launch in the biomaterials sector and the Vikos Cervical Allograft System will address the high demand from the surgeon community to provide a wide range of interbody options.