K2M has unveiled its two cervical products inculding Chesapeake Cervical-Ti Stabilization System and Pyrenees Translational Cervical Plate.

Chesapeake Cervical-Ti Stabilization System made of Grade II Titanium, is a multi-screw construct with 14° converging angles and provides stability to the anterior column, while reducing the need for supplemental fixation in the cervical spine.

The Pyrenees Translational Cervical Plate is characterized by a unidirectional ratchet mechanism at each level to allow for controlled settling of the patient’s anatomy.

The cervical products utilize K2M’s tifix Locking Technology which allows each screw head to form an autogenic lock to the plate upon insertion.

K2M’s next generation products include spinal stabilization systems, minimally invasive systems, and other advancing technologies such as motion preservation, annular repair, and nucleus replacement.