K2M Group Holdings has launched Everest minimally invasive (MI) XTower instrumentation, an enhancement to the Everest MI XT spinal system, at the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Annual Forum (SMISS) event.

The event will take place from 14 to 16 September in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2016, K2M launched the EVEREST MI XT Spinal System, making the Company's percutaneous screw portfolio one of the most comprehensive on the market. The addition of the XTower enhances the EVEREST MI platform, providing a new surgical solution for treating complex deformities with the goal of achieving three-dimensional spinal balance.

EVEREST MI XTower instrumentation encompasses the entire tab-to-screw assembly, providing rigid reinforcement of the EVEREST MI XT screw tabs.

Streamlined instrumentation allows surgeons to use the XTower throughout the entirety of the procedure. A Support Tower Reducer provides 35 mm of reduction where necessary.

"The addition of the EVEREST MI XTower to the EVEREST MI XT Spinal System provides surgeons with intraoperative customization of screw extension rigidity based on the intended clinical application," said Ashok Biyani, MD, a spine and orthopedic surgeon at Toledo Orthopedic Surgeons in Ohio.

"The increased screw extension strength provided by the XTower allows surgeons to treat a full spectrum of pathologies utilizing one system."

Michael Selby, MD, a spine and orthopedic surgeon at the Adelaide Spine Clinic in Australia, added, "I regularly treat complex deformity, tumor, and trauma patients in my practice. The XTower provides the ability to customize the power of the reduction to perform complex procedures utilizing minimally invasive techniques."

"K2M is excited to participate in this year's SMISS, a keynote meeting that advances the latest breakthroughs in minimally invasive spine surgery," said K2M President and CEO Eric Major. "This year we are at the forefront of minimally invasive spine innovation with the addition of XTower to our EVEREST MI XT Spinal System.

“We are pleased to now offer one of the most comprehensive MI pedicle screw platforms on the market that—when complemented by our Balance ACS platform—allows surgeons to holistically treat complex and degenerative spinal pathologies through a minimally invasive approach, with the ultimate goal of achieving Total Body Balance."