Spinal device company K2M has introduced new MESA spinal systems and SERENGETI minimally invasive retractor systems.

Featuring Zero-Torque technology, the MESA systems apply zero torsional loads, or twisting forces to the spine when locking the screw.

In addition, MESA systems address difficult correction maneuvers, while providing the surgeon with the ability to lock various screw types in one-step.

The SERENGETI systems, which feature a flexible polymer Retractor, provide direct visualization and access to the screw heads to allow for simplified rod insertion.

Rizzoli Institute oncologic and degenerative spine surgery department director Stefano Boriani said with the launch of new technologies, Italian surgeons and patients can meet short and long term advantages.

"The innovative MESA and SERENGETI systems allow surgeons increased flexibility in their intraoperative decision-making, meeting a wide range of current unmet needs in spinal surgeries," Boriani added.