Vitrolife has received Japanese regulatory approval for its aspiration needles and micro pipettes to treat human infertility.

Vitrolife develops, manufactures advanced products and systems for the preparation, cultivation and storage of human cells, tissue and organs.

The company works in three areas including fertility, transplantation and stem cell cultivation.

The fertility product area includes nutrient solutions (media), cryopreservation products and advanced consumable instruments such as needles and pipettes used for infertility treatment (IVF).

The transplantation products include solutions and systems to assess and maintain organs outside the body in order to select usable organs and keep them in optimal condition while waiting for transplantation.

The stem cell cultivation product area includes media and instruments to enable the use and handling of stem cells for therapeutic purposes.

Vitrolife sales manager Marcus Hedenskog said they are pleased to now offer their Japanese customers their full product range.