By expanding the partnership, the two are taking their long-term collaboration forward to drive meaningful transformation across radiology, cardiology, acute care and the rest of the enterprise.

While many advancements have been made in healthcare technology, progress is often slowed by different systems that cannot communicate with one another. With the data generated by these technologies locked in silos, clinicians are unable to see the full picture of a patient’s health, which can lead to delayed decision-making and inefficiencies.

Philips IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition combines the Philips IntelliSpace Radiology, Cardiology portfolios and PerformanceBridge into a scalable, interoperable and secure hospital-wide solution for clinical and operational informatics, providing continuous improvement to enable healthcare enterprises to grow and transform.

Philips IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition is an end-to-end managed service for healthcare IT. Designed to empower Jackson’s efforts to enhance staff and patient experience, as well as enable data for better outcomes, the IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition partnership positions the health system to confidently grow their enterprise. At the core of this partnership lies a co-creation journey with both parties collaborating on the design of health informatics of the future, to help improve clinical and IT workflows.

Jackson Health System senior vice president and chief information officer Michael Garcia said: “By adding Philips’ IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition to our existing range of applications, we’re continuing to leverage innovative business models and partnerships to empower our clinicians to deliver the best care possible through the use of technology.

“Philips has been and continues to be a valuable partner to us, and with their risk sharing approach and pay-per-use model, we feel like our goals are well aligned to drive joint success –  creating a win for our patients, providers, Philips, and Jackson.”

Jackson is the latest forward-thinking healthcare network to sign a long-term, strategic partnership (LSP) with Philips, further demonstrating the growing momentum for this unique business model. In addition to Jackson, Philips has also signed multiple IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition agreements with leading health systems across the North America market

Ahead of the 2018 Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting (RSNA), IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition has been expanded to now include Philips PerformanceBridge. Providing access to real-time departmental performance data in an easy-to-use and interactive dashboard, PerformanceBridge offers a flexible suite of solutions to help optimize operational and workflow efficiency.

The combined solution bridges the gap between data and decision -making across the enterprise to drive continuous improvement, supported by dedicated advisors and services.

Philips Connected Care and Health Informatics CEO Carla Kriwet said: “IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition reflects our continued investment towards innovative solutions and developing meaningful and lasting partnerships with our customers so they can confidently grow their business.

“By expanding the solution through the addition of PerformanceBridge, we’re helping our customers bridge critical gaps so they are able to make more informed decisions for their patients, providing them the information they need at the right time.”

Source: Company Press Release