The module provides built-in software routines to perform a number of automated batch analyses as well as arterial and ventricular pressure calculations.

The software module is the cornerstone of iWorx suite of blood pressure measurement and analysis solutions, including Fluid-Filled Catheter Systems, Solid-State Pressure-Tipped Catheter Systems, and Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Systems.

The software automatically calculates common indices of function from the blood pressure signal.

The software also facilitates analyses involving implantable telemetry devices where periodic reporting of blood pressure data is required.

iWorx Blood Pressure Measurement and Analysis Solutions are configured from a wide range of components, including transducers, catheters, non-invasive devices, amplifiers, recorders and cables.

iWorx also offers additional LabScribe2 software modules for ECG analysis, metabolic calculations, pressure-volume loops, and cardiac analyses.