The granting of European Patent No. 2830488 provides protection of the geometry of optical components in a manner that maximizes signal response from deep tissue while minimizing the size of the sensor.

This European grant comes on the heels of the company announcing the CE marking of the ivWatch Model 400, a medical device that provides early detection of a frequent and common IV therapy complication. The company is also pursuing this granting at the national stage in several countries as part of their global expansion plan.

ivWatch president and CEO Gary Warren said: “ivWatch continues to heavily invest in the research and development of our biosensor platform. This investment in our talented engineers, scientists and tooling has produced a rich intellectual property portfolio of applications and grants and is allowing a pipeline of great products to address unmet needs in medicine in a way that has never been done before.

“As we continue to execute on our global plan, we must protect our proprietary technology which has secured ivWatch’s position as a first, and only, technology of its kind.”

Japanese Patent Registration No. 6386643 is for a core technology for mitigating the effects of tissue blood volume changes. This is the third granted patent from Japan and corresponds to US Patent No. 9,326,686, for solving motion issues related to continuous PIV therapy monitoring.

This patent describes some methods used by ivWatch to extract meaningful signals from biosensors where patient motion produces unwanted noise.

ivWatch’s unique method of mitigating the effects of changing tissue blood volume provides a system that minimizes “false” notifications and not contributing to the epidemic of alarm fatigue.

ivWatch now owns seven patents around the world corresponding to three core technologies. More than 90 utility patent applications have been filed to date, including 59 domestic patent applications, eight international patent applications and 26 regional/national applications.

Source: Company Press Release.