Itamar-Medical, a provider in non-invasive ambulatory sleep testing and vascular health diagnostics, has hired Marvin Slosman as president for North America.

Slosman brings 25 years of executive experience in the medical device industry, including leadership roles with GE Healthcare and Cordis/J&J as well as a number of successful early stage growth companies.

Slosman has experience in the areas of cardiovascular health, diagnostic imaging, and integrated hospital delivery networks.

Itamar-Medical president and CEO Dov Rubin said that with the recent CPT code announcement formally recognising the virtues of WatchPAT, coupled with increased clinical demand for EndoPAT diagnostic on endothelial function, they envision a growing need to meet consumer and marketplace demands.

"Marvin brings precisely the skill set we seek to grow our North American business and will be an integral part of planning and executing our company strategy as we evolve in the years ahead," Rubin said.

Slosman said that Itamar Medical is perfectly positioned for tremendous growth in both segments of the market, delivering value to both physicians and patients with the PAT (Peripheral Arterial Tone) technology.

"The opportunity is truly revolutionary to improve the standard of care delivered through this innovative yet practical solution," Slosman said.