Irvine Scientific, a provider of assisted reproductive technologies (ART), has received CE Mark for its Continuous Single Culture (CSCM) and Continuous Single Culture Complete (CSCM-C) products.

Both CSCM and CSCM-C (containing Human Serum Albumin) are designed for fertilization and embryo culture through day 3, or day 5/6 of embryo development.

CSCM and CSCM-C are the only single-step culture media optimized to be used in an uninterrupted culture system without dish change or medium renewal.

Irvine Scientific’s CSCM improves blastocyst production with a demonstrated increase in blastocyst utilization and fertilization rates.

The optimized formulation reduces embryo stress by eliminating the need to expose embryos to varying media environments, temperature and pH fluctuations in the laboratories.

Irvine Scientific COO Tim Mullane noted the company is pleased to be the first and only company at this time that offers a single-step medium for both fertilization and extended embryo culture designed to be used in an uninterrupted culture system.

"We believe that Irvine Scientific’s Continuous Single Culture media provides a simplified and efficient approach to achieving pregnancies in-vitro and a better solution for clinics’ concerned with reducing embryo stress," Mullane added.

"But more importantly, Continuous Single Culture media supports the primary goal in clinics around the world, delivering healthy babies."

Irvine Scientific will commence commercialization at centers across Europe immediately.