Iridex has commenced the commercial shipment of IQ 532 laser systems, high-power, 532 nm, dual port multi-purpose laser systems for use by ophthalmologists to treat sight-threatening eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma; and for use by otolaryngologists to correct certain types of conductive hearing loss.

Iridex said that as with the IQ 577, the IQ 532 features dual port laser output as well as a graphic, touchscreen interface. Dual port connectivity provides the physician with the added convenience and efficiency by permitting the exchange of multiple delivery devices with one-touch speed and simplicity.

Theodore Boutacoff, president and chief executive officer of Iridex, said: “The time and effort we invested to perfect our core system platform and obtain regulatory approval for a family of laser products has made it possible to introduce the IQ 532 green laser within one year of shipping the IQ 577 yellow laser. Continuing with this platform approach, we look forward to the timely introduction of additional systems currently under development.”

Iridex is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of versatile laser-based medical systems and delivery devices. The company provide solutions for multiple specialties, including ophthalmology, dermatology and otolaryngology. Iridex products are sold in the US through a direct sales force and internationally through a combination of a direct sales force and a network of approximately 100 independent distributors into 107 countries.