MicroPulse P3 device has been redesigned to deliver better stability, visualisation, coupling and fit


Iridex has launched second generation MicroPulse P3 device to treat glaucoma (Credit: Pixabay/Daniel Roberts)

Ophthalmic laser-based medical products provider Iridex has launched second-generation MicroPulse P3 device for the treatment of glaucoma.

The company has redesigned the MicroPulse P3 device to deliver better stability, visualisation, coupling and fit.

Iridex added multiple design improvements to the new MicroPulse P3 device

Iridex has added multiple design improvements to the new MicroPulse P3 device, including recessed fibre tip with an added fluid channel to facilitate consistent fibre immersion in fluid during treatment to enhance light coupling to the tissue.

The new device also features a concave scleral-matching footplate plate to enhance stability. Iridex has added limbal-matching footplate curvature to the device to better detect the orientation and placement of the device.

Other advanced features include reduced footplate size for easier placement in eyes and elongated stem to enhance visualisation of the treatment area.

The physicians will use the MicroPulse P3 device to conduct MicroPulse transscleral laser therapy (TLT).

MicroPulse TLT is a non-incisional and laser-energy procedure, which delivers reduced intraocular pressure suitable for a range of glaucoma patients.

According to the company, over 120,000 patients have been treated in more than 60 countries with the original version of the MicroPulse P3 device.

Iridex is now commercially providing the revised MicroPulse P3 device for the patients in the US. The company aims to provide the new device outside the US over the next few months.

Iridex CEO David Bruce said: “The launch of our revised MicroPulse P3 Device represents an important step forward in simplifying our unique non-incisional glaucoma therapy. We are pleased with the initial physician users’ positive response to the product improvements.

“We anticipate these ease of use improvements will lead to greater physician confidence and adoption.”

Iridex provides advanced laser-based medical systems, delivery devices and consumable instrumentation for the customers in the ophthalmology market.

The firm has developed MicroPulse technology to provide better treatment for targeted sight-threatening eye conditions.  Its products can be used to treat glaucoma, diabetic macular edema (DME) and other retinal diseases.

Iridex’s Cyclo G6 laser system with MicroPulse tissue sparing glaucoma technology can be used for the treatment of a range of glaucoma disease states.