The patents are relevant to the Company’s TxCell Scanning Laser Delivery System, which is a platform that allows MicroPulse laser therapy to be planned and delivered in a grid pattern, allowing the procedure to be completed with greater efficiency and confidence than older "single-spot" delivery strategies.

Specifically, the Company received U.S. Patent No. 9,265,656 entitled "Grid Pattern Laser Treatment and Methods for Treating an Eye" and U.S. Patent No. 9,278,029 entitled "Short Duration Pulse Grid Pattern Laser Treatment and Methods."

Expanding on the core MicroPulse technology, these new patents cover automatic laser delivery with multi-spot pattern scanning for efficient retinal photocoagulation that is tissue sparing and enables faster treatment procedures.

"Physicians continue to report high satisfaction with the TxCell Scanning Laser Delivery Systems, noting that they are able to safely and effectively treat their patients without the risks and complexities of conventional products or invasive implant technologies," said President and CEO Will Moore.

"With TxCell-assisted scanning and delivery technologies, physicians using MicroPulse can more accurately visualize a treatment area and predictably and efficiently deliver the therapy. The issuance of these patents adds to IRIDEX’s extensive intellectual property portfolio and confirms IRIDEX’s leadership in the ophthalmology market with our TxCell and Cyclo G6™ Laser Delivery Systems.

"The successful adoption rate and rapid growth of MicroPulse, for use in both retinal and more recently glaucoma procedures, has brought new attention to the Company and our market.

"In response, we have a series of additional patent applications pending in the U.S. and Europe for the advancement of MicroPulse in treating glaucoma and retinal disease," Moore continued. "Leveraging our innovations will help ensure our success moving forward."