Digital health care solutions company iRhythm Technologies has received CE mark approval for its ZIO Service, allowing the company to market its heart monitoring solution in Europe.

The company has signed an agreement with CardioLogic to market the ZIO Service in the UK, which will improve the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (Afib) and other cardiac arrhythmias.

iRhythm Technologies president and CEO Kevin King said: "We are excited to begin expanding our business internationally, which we believe offers a significant growth opportunity, and in particular, we are pleased that patients and physicians in the UK will now be able to benefit from the ZIO Service.

"CardioLogic is one of the most respected marketers of novel cardiac technologies in the UK. Thus, we believe they are an ideal partner to help drive adoption for the ZIO Service in this growing market."

Featuring advanced wearable biosensing technology, the ZIO Service includes three components that work together as a digital cardiac healthcare solution to offer efficient and cost-effective diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias.

The ZIO XT Patch records and stores all continuous electrocardiography waveforms for analysis and facilitates the diagnosis of arrhythmias, while FDA-cleared algorithms are used to analyze the vast data and certified cardiac technicians then review the curated data to ensure delivery of high quality results.

In addition, the cloud-based ZIO Report offers physicians with clinically actionable information to enable diagnosis, including the ruling in and ruling out of cardiac arrhythmias, which will help in guiding treatment decisions.