Eikon LT integrates Invuity’s Intelligent Photonics technology to enable minimally invasive and minimal access open surgeries, including breast oncology and reconstruction, thyroid oncology and general surgery.

As showcased at the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Clinical Congress in Chicago, the Eikon LT system expands the existing Eikon platform while integrating design enhancements that further enable surgical precision, efficiency and safety.

The next-generation Eikon LT platform addresses key safety priorities for hospitals and health systems. As the numbers of minimally invasive surgeries rise, electrosurgical devices have shown to be potential sources of thermal burns and operating room fires. In response to hospital initiatives focused on ensuring safety during minimally invasive surgeries, Invuity engineered a proprietary high performance material.

This reinforced polymer material is 100 percent non-conductive, eliminating the risks related to overheating, and the potential for burns due to arcing from electrosurgical devices. Eikon LT’s non-conductive material, coupled with its proprietary thermally cool illumination, virtually eliminates the known thermal hazards associated with traditional electrosurgical devices and fiber optics.

Forty percent lighter than traditional retractors, Eikon LT also helps reduce fatigue and improves efficiency for surgeons operating through deep, dark cavities while using smaller incisions. Additional enhancements to the blade and tip further enable surgeons to optimize clinical and cosmetic outcomes in minimally invasive procedures – including Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery.

The device’s smooth edges reduce tissue trauma and allow for easy maneuverability, while flexibility in the blade puts less tension, stress and trauma on the breast flap to maintain flap viability and integrity.

"The Eikon LT’s lightweight design and flexible blade enable me to operate more efficiently, and improve breast flap viability without the worry of burn injury," said Sunny Mitchell, MD, Associate Chairperson of Surgery and Director of Women’s Health Services at Coney Island Hospital.

Eikon LT accommodates multiple hand positions for various hand sizes, and offers an improved ergonomic design that reduces surgeon fatigue. Grooves in the handle and thumb slots provide for a comfortable grip that also prevents hand slippage, further improving the surgeon’s precision. To accommodate physician preferences and varying patient anatomies, the Eikon LT is available in multiple sizes, with eight retractors in the system ranging from 40mm to 175mm.

"We’re continually looking for innovative ways to address real-world needs for healthcare providers and to drive clinical improvements in minimal access surgery," said Paul Davison, Vice President of Research and Development at Invuity.

The Eikon LT illuminated retractor system is commercially available beginning today.