Interventional Spine, a developer of spine implantable devices, will exhibit its PerX360 system.

The PerX360 system facilitates surgeons to perform a percutaneous interbody fusion via two incisions that are less than 15mm each for the treatment of lumbar discogenic pain.

Morgenstern Institute for Endoscopic Spine Surgery director and chief surgeon Rudolf Morgenstern implanted the first patient with PerX360 system, following CE mark approval in April 2011.

Morgenstern presentation will include nine months of patient data and details of the surgical technique of PerX360 system.

Flagler Brain and Spine Institute surgeon David Greenwald will present his initial US patient data from his first implant of the Opticage performed on 8 March 2012.

Greenwald said to date, 17 patients have benefited from the PerX360 technology with positive clinical results and significant drops in pain scores.

The company said the presentations will be exhibited at the international society for the advancement of spine surgery (ISASS) annual meeting in Barcelona, Spain.