Intersystems has launched HealthShare Care Community to unify patient data in one place for easy access to both patients and the care team treating them

HealthShare Care Community was created to make patient care more collaborative (Credit: Shutterstock/sheff)

Medical-focused software firm InterSystems has launched HealthShare Care Community to allow care teams to create a comprehensive shared care plan with the aim of improving communication, care transitions, and care coordination. 

The software is geared towards managing long-term conditions and lets everyone on the care team see who is contributing to the patient’s care, the role they serve, when they’re involved, and their contact information.

As the UK National Health Service (NHS) plans to adapt to a system of personalised healthcare it expects will benefit 2.5 million people by 2024 – InterSystems has touted its new product as an enabling technology to achieve this.

InterSystems vice president of Healthcare Solutions Don Woodlock said: “HealthShare Care Community is built on the HealthShare Unified Care Record, meaning care plans can be shared across transitions of care and improve coordination across the care team.

“Not only is patient data pulled together from disparate sources and care plans shared across the healthcare system, but the care providers can launch Care Community from within their own systems.”

According to the latest data from NHS England, in the UK, long-term conditions account for:

  • 50% of all GP appointments
  • 64% of all hospital outpatients appointments
  • 70% of all hospital bed days
  • 70% of health and care spend


How does HealthShare Care Community work?

The HealthShare product suite allows providers to interact despite being spread across various care settings, with the ability to communicate through the HealthShare clinical message centre.

Patients themselves can also log in via HealthShare Personal Community to communicate with care providers, get access to prescriptions and flag when they need help.

One aim of the technology is so that teams can be more proactive with automatic notifications of patient-related events such as admissions, discharges, or transfers.

The new product also integrates with existing software HealthShare Health Insight, which the company said can identify patients who fall into high-risk categories and manage their care with data-led insights in a way that enables faster diagnosis, as well as better and more timely response to changes in patient condition and care coordination requirements.

“With HealthShare, healthcare organisations can change the way they deliver health and care, giving care teams vital access to patient and care team information that facilities better ongoing care out in the community,” says Chris Norton, managing director, InterSystems UK & Ireland.

“This latest addition to the HealthShare suite further helps improve quality of care and treats patients more effectively in the appropriate setting and is a key component to deliver more sustainable healthcare.”