Intermountain Healthcare and Baxter Healthcare have integrated the Sigma Spectrum Infusion System into Intermountain's electronic medical record (EMR) system across its organisation.

The integration of Intermountain and Baxter allows for bi-directional, continuous wireless connectivity between the Sigma Spectrum large volume infusion pump and Intermountain’s EMR system, helping to enhance patient safety and hospital staff efficiency at its 23 hospitals throughout Utah and southeastern Idaho.

Intermountain Healthcare chief information officer Marc Probst said that this successful integration allows healthcare providers to see order information the doctor or pharmacist requested directly on the infusion pump’s display screen during programming and helps ensure patients are receiving the correct infusion and adds another safety measure that is important to us.

Once an infusion begins, the Sigma Spectrum Infusion System automatically sends infusion data to Intermountain’s EMR system at regular intervals to support clinical documentation requirements.

The infusion data sent from the pump to the EMR system is also routed through Intermountain’s rules engine for immediate analysis.

The analysis addresses issues including alerts and alarms that can be routed directly to clinicians’ workstations, providing an additional level of patient safety.

"In addition, the ability to send data from our EMR system directly to bedside medical devices such as infusion pumps is a critical objective for Intermountain as we continue to track, measure and improve clinical outcomes," Probst said.