InterCure Ltd. announced that its RESPeRATE hypertension treatment device, clinically-proven to significantly lower blood pressure, will be sold in more than 800 Rite Aid retail stores throughout the West Coast. High blood pressure affects approximately 72 million people in the United States and approximately one billion worldwide. Traditional treatment methods of diet, exercise and medication are often unable to help 70 percent of patients reach their lower blood pressure goals. Left untreated, high blood pressure may lead to heart attack, stroke and kidney or heart failure. No one therapy fits all patients, and by offering this latest treatment option, Rite Aid demonstrates its commitment to its customers’ healthcare needs in the battle against a deadly and prevalent condition. RESPeRATE is FDA-cleared for over-the-counter sale and is the only medical device on the market clinically-proven to lower blood pressure through paced breathing therapy. The device uses the body’s natural tendency to follow external rhythms, interactively guiding the user to effortlessly reduce their breathing rate to a therapeutic zone of less than 10 breaths per minute. The breathing exercises with RESPeRATE relax the constricted muscles surrounding the small blood vessels, allowing the blood to flow more freely and yielding a significant and lasting reduction of blood pressure within weeks.