Intelerad Medical Systems and M Modal have signed a partnership under which M Modal's Speech Understanding technology is integrated with Intelerad's Multi-Method Reporting, to give radiologists access to voice recognition in their reporting workflow.

Designed to accommodate the way radiologists naturally read and report studies, Intelerad’s Multi-Method Reporting blends dictation, voice recognition and structured reporting templates together in a single, streamlined interface and workflow.

M Modal’s Speech Understanding allows radiologists to choose self-completion or transcription-assisted editing of radiology results.

Combining advanced speech and natural language processing technologies, M Modal said that its Speech Understanding goes beyond mainstream speech recognition capabilities to transform dictated narrative directly into structured, encoded, shareable data.

Intelerad founder and chief technology officer Chris Henri said that with M Modal, voice recognition becomes directly accessible from the IntelePACS and InteleOne Reporting Worklist.

"Radiologists are free to choose how they report each study, using voice recognition whenever it suits them, or using digital dictation or a structured report template, depending on the case and the result is faster than ever turnaround times as well as improved consistency and quality of results," Henri said.