Integrity Tracking has secured patent No: US 7,825,794 from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for an Alzheimer's patient tracking system.

Integrity Tracking plans to build the Alzheimer’s device ‘Alzwell’ in 2011 and integrate it into their mobile personal emergency response system called (M-PERS) MobileHelp.

MobileHelp founder Elias Janetis said that 80% of people with dementia related illnesses live at home with a caregiver and by integrating their Alzheimer’s bracelet with PERS unit one can provide comprehensive safety solutions for the typical senior couple.

The Alzheimer’s Patient Tracking System is a computerised system that employs the use of a Global Positioning Service (GPS) and when a patient moves out of the range of the base station for a predetermined amount of time, the bracelet switches on and begins transmitting its longitude and latitude as well as future movements.

The transmission is sent to the Integrity Tracking’s servers, which generates alerts to caregivers and formats the data for display on the webpage.

Integrity Tracking has the technology infrastructure to deliver the Alzheimer’s tracking services via their web based caregiver tools which are offered with the MobileHelp medical alert system.