Integra is a provider of products used for dural repair, tissue ablation, management of hydrocephalus, neuro monitoring and drainage and brands associated with Integra are DuraGen, CUSA, Camino, Licox, OSV II, Integra NPH, Mayfield and Ruggles-Redmond instruments.

Integra Neurosurgery president Chris Thatcher said that they are excited that The Broadlane Group has selected Integra as a contracted partner to supply neurosurgical products to its clients.

“This is our first contract with The Broadlane Group for these product categories, and it reflects our commitment to provide The Broadlane Group clients with Integra’s highest quality products and services,” Thatcher said.

Integra Sales vice president Tim McCarthy said that their DuraGen family of products for dural repair offers neurosurgeons a complete line of dural substitutes, backed by an extensive safety record and proven in over 750,000 procedures.

“Additionally, Integra’s products for neuro trauma (neuro critical care), such as Licox and Camino monitoring systems, help limit uncertainty in the important area of monitoring patients in a hospital’s Neuro Intensive Care Unit and Broadlane clients will also have access to Integra products for the management of hydrocephalus,” McCarthy said.