Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation launched a series of intervertebral body fusion devices (IBD), the Vu e-POD and Vu L-POD through the newly formed Integra Spine. The Vu L-POD and Vu e-POD received clearance from the US FDA to be marketed as a spinal IBD. Before the IBD status, these devices were cleared by the FDA as spinal vertebral body replacement devices (VBR). The dual classification of the devices gives the surgeon a broader range of usages. As an IBD, they are used as an adjunct to fusion in patients with degenerative disc disease at one or two contiguous levels (L2-S1). As a VBR, they may be used to replace a damaged, collapsed or otherwise unstable vertebral body due to tumor or trauma (T1-L5). During insertion the Vu e-POD's unique technique of distraction reduces the amount of steps and instruments required to perform the surgery. This contributes to decreasing the length of time needed to perform the procedure. Randy Theken, President, Integra Spine, states, "The Vu e-POD all-in-one insertion and distraction technique gives Integra Spine a true competitive advantage. It leads to benefits for both the surgeon and patient. No longer is a second instrument required to distract the disc space. It is accomplished through a simple rotation technique performed after inserting the device." IBDs are small hollow spinal implants which are inserted into the intervertebral space to restore physiological disc height and to allow fusion between vertebral bodies. These devices by maintaining the native disc space height relieve pressure on the nerves and associated back pain and also provide positive mechanical stabilization for fusion. The graft window allows natural bone growth to occur through the graft and form a strong vertebral union along with the implant.