Integra LifeSciences is featuring Integra Total Wrist Fusion System at the 65th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) from 7-9 October in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Integra Total Wrist Fusion System is the latest addition to Integra’s suite of solutions for wrist arthritis, which fuses the bones at the wrist joint and may ease the pain caused by bone on bone contact.

The system is designed to provide fixation of the wrist, while decreasing soft tissue irritation, and provides an optimal balance of compression and stability by combining Surfix locking and dynamic compression technologies, Integra said.

Surfix locking technology allows the surgeon to fully seat the screw in the plate prior to locking the screw in place, the company said.

Integra’s other products for wrist arthritis include the Universal2 total wrist implant system and the Spider limited wrist fusion system.

Integra Extremity Reconstruction president Robert Paltridge said that Integra is dedicated to provide surgeons with a range of choices, so they can have the right products for their patients when they need them and they are very pleased that we can offer our customers an additional option for wrist arthritis.