US-based medical device manufacturer Integra LifeSciences has rolled out MicroMatrix Flex, its dual-syringe delivery system for wound care management, in the US.

MicroMatrix Flex is intended for the management of wounds, including partial and full-thickness wounds, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, and chronic vascular ulcers.

It is also intended to treat tunnelled or undermined wounds, surgical wounds, trauma wounds such as abrasions, lacerations, partial thickness burns, skin tears, and draining wounds.

The device features a flexible dispensing tip, and its mixing system produces a paste with a flowable consistency to provide thorough contact with all areas of the wound.

Mercy Health-St. Vincent Medical Center acute care surgeon Aaron Moore said: “MicroMatrix Flex has allowed me to expand how I use UBM technology in complex wound reconstruction procedures.

“In addition to the benefits of UBM technology, the flexible delivery tip addresses the need to access hard-to-reach geometries in complex wounds.”

MicroMatrix Flex facilitates the convenient mixing and delivery of MicroMatrix paste to provide access to hard-to-reach spaces and to prepare a wound surface in challenging wound areas.

The company said that its UBM products, including MicroMatrix UBM Particulate and Cytal Wound Matrix sheets, were already used in more than 360,000 procedures.

In the last decade, UBM has been published in more than 200 pre-clinical and clinical publications, said the medical device maker.

Integra LifeSciences tissue technologies product division global marketing senior vice president Steve Powick said: “We’re excited to be adding MicroMatrix Flex to our market-leading portfolio of dermal matrices.

“This innovation is the culmination of working closely with surgeons to solve meaningful treatment problems and set new standards of care.”

Integra LifeSciences tissue technologies research and development and process technology vice president Thomas Gilbert said: “Our UBM technology supports complex wound management, and MicroMatrix Flex allows access to otherwise ‘hidden’ areas of a wound.

“We developed this innovation through years of research and collaboration. It further expands our comprehensive regenerative medicine offerings across Integra.”