Headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, IntegenX is a privately held company that designs, manufactures and markets automated DNA- and RNA-based sample preparation systems for life sciences, applied sciences and diagnostics markets.

The Apollo 324 has an 8-tip pipette head with adjustable magnets and two Peltier heating/cooling units for PCR type plates and it can process from one to eight samples simultaneously, and offers preparation of up to 24 libraries in one day, IntegenX said.

IntegenX claims that the customised reagent kits optimise the performance of the system and are priced to reduce the cost per reaction while ensuring accurate and consistent results and the flexibility of the Apollo 324 allows users to add their own adapters.

The system uses the proprietary BeadX In-Tip magnetic bead capture system to execute high-performance isolation and purification of nucleic acids and to automate end-repair, A-tail addition, adapter ligation and size selection.

Apollo 324 employs a simplified reagent setup and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, so laboratories with increased workloads and limited staff resources can easily avoid library errors while achieving increased throughput.

IntegenX president and CEO Stevan Jovanovich said that by automating library construction processes, the Apollo 324 provides compelling performance and accuracy at a lower total cost per library preparation.

“The unique efficiencies of the system make it well-suited as a foundational platform for simplifying next-generation sequencing workflows,” Jovanovich said.