IntegenX and Promega said commercial deliveries of RapidHIT 200 Human Identification Systems will include Promega’s nucleic acid purification and short tandem repeat (STR) amplification reagents.

Promega’s STR chemistry will enable users of the automated, self-contained RapidHIT System to produce DNA profiles for human identification from mouth swabs and other human samples in less than two hours.

Promega’s purification and STR reagents will be packaged with the RapidHIT System’s disposable cartridges, which will automate all DNA sample processing steps required to generate DNA profiles.

The single-use cartridges eliminate the need for user intervention during sample processing, greatly simplifying the process of human DNA profile production and eliminating the risk of sample carryover.

By integrating Promega’s purification and STR reagents, RapidHIT Systems can produce DNA profiles compatible with local, national, and international database systems.

Promega chairman and CEO Bill Linton said the supply agreement with IntegenX gives law enforcement agencies and other organizations the choice to adopt powerful DNA-based human identification technology without adding the specialized infrastructure that’s usually required for a DNA lab.

IntegenX CEO and president Stevan Jovanovich said the combination of IntegenX’s technology and Promega’s chemistry will help make the RapidHIT 200 the platform of choice for rapid human DNA identification.

IntegenX will commence commercial shipments of the RapidHIT 200 Human Identification System in early 2012.