The Access workstation includes a Labcyte Echo liquid handler which has the ability to build dose-response curves from the direct-transfer stock samples at high concentrations to eliminate the propagation of error.

Institute of Cancer Research assay group senior staff scientist Rosemary Burke said the Access workstation is used to cherry pick directly from high-concentration stocks for confirmation and IC50 determination, without requiring any aqueous dilution.

"Additionally, acoustic dispensing directly into cell plates allowed us to move from time-consuming 96-well cell proliferation assays to 384-well assays," Burke added.

Labcyte CEO and president Mark Fischer-Colbrie said the company’s technology has improved the efficiency of screening efforts in the pharmaceutical industry.

"The Echo liquid handler has evolved from a tool for reducing sample consumption in high-throughput screening to a platform essential for developing and optimizing a wide range of assays with the highest efficiency and quality," Fischer-Colbrie added.

"We are pleased to see the ICR accelerating progress in cancer research by extending the utilization of our product offerings."