There is an urgent need for studies that lead to therapies and prevention for highly infectious diseases like Ebola, Anthrax and Variola, but scientists performing such studies risk exposure to these harmful biological agents. M series, part of the PhysioTelDigital platform, was designed to improve the safety and efficiency of infectious disease research.

Using telemetry in infectious disease research allows scientists to remotely collect physiologic signals while mitigating disease exposure. M series further decreases exposure risk because the implants are single-use, eliminating the need to remove the implant at the completion of a study. In addition, M series offers several built-in features that automate manual tasks for study efficiency.

With the release of M series, DSI continues to provide innovative telemetry solutions designed to refine preclinical research methods and outcomes. Due to its significant enhancements in safety and efficiency, M series is expected to have applications in many research areas, including toxicology, basic research, vaccine development, and drug discovery.

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