InSite Vision has launched a new DuraSite 2 drug delivery system, designed to deliver ophthalmic therapeutics.

DuraSite 2, which is based on InSite DuraSite technology, incorporates cataract surgery drug, ketorolac, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and a cationic polymer for sustained ocular drug delivery.

The DuraSite 2 system is expected to increase the tissue penetration for topically delivered ocular drugs and improve dosing convenience, according to the company.

InSite Vision Development vice president Lyle Bowman said with DuraSite 2, InSite has developed a new ophthalmic drug delivery platform to improve improve its technology.

"InSite scientists have unique expertise in formulating novel ophthalmic therapeutics, and we believe DuraSite 2 could be critical in optimizing the profile of approved and future ocular drugs, extending the drug retention on the eye and reducing dosing frequency and the amount of drug needed to achieve efficacious results,” Bowman.

”In addition to these potential clinical advantages, the intellectual property surrounding DuraSite 2 was filed in early 2009, providing potential patent life into 2029 for this new drug delivery system, as well as increased protection for all drugs formulated with DuraSite 2."