Inovio Pharmaceuticals has reported that a peer-reviewed research article describing the development of its new intradermal, minimally-invasive DNA vaccine delivery device was published in the journal Gene Therapy.

Inovio said that DNA vaccines delivered using the low voltage device, produced antibody and T-cell immune responses and achieved protection from lethal challenge in multiple animal models including non-human primates.

Inovio’s new minimally-invasive intradermal device is based on its electroporation delivery platform in which controlled, millisecond electrical pulses create permeability in cell membranes and enable uptake of biological material previously injected into targeted muscle or skin tissue.

The device also facilitates the delivery of more complex formulations and antigen mixtures that may better address targeted diseases.

Influenza DNA vaccine delivered via the device also produced HA-inhibition (HAI) titers over 1:40 in two other large animal models including in non-human primates.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals CEO Joseph Kim said that the study unveils their minimally-invasive drug delivery technology and enables the development of preventive vaccines against many challenging diseases and for a broad spectrum of the population.