Innocutis Medical, a dermatology company focused on surgical devices, has entered into an exclusive marketing agreement with Incisive Surgical, (Plymouth MN) for the sales and marketing rights of the patented Insorb Absorbable Skin Stapler within the dermatology market.

The Insorb Stapler, a new modality for skin closure, uses bioabsorbable staples that are placed under the skin and dissolve in the body within a matter of months.

The staples, which are comprised of the same material as the bioabsorbable sutures, break down naturally, without need for post-operative removal.

Insorb’s introduction to the dermatology community will allow for increased surgical efficiency, improved cosmetic outcomes, and reduced risk of infection over traditional suture techniques.

Innocutis believes the Insorb absorbable subcuticular stapler will enhance the efficiency in dermatologists’ offices nationally while providing a marked advancement in the cosmetic outcome seen by their patients.

The Insorb Device contains 30 sterile staples comprised of 70% PLA and 30% PGA producing a benign polymer that is not only strong but also dissolves in 90-120 days.