InnerSpace said that the Hummingbird Synergy is designed to provide integrated access for concurrent monitoring of intracranial pressure (ICP), oxygen, or cerebral blood flow while providing ventricular drainage. It does so through a single burr-hole or the two or three holes required.

The design is expected to minimise the potential for complications and infections, thereby reducing patient risk. Dedicated access ports allow an oxygen or cerebral blood flow probe to be precisely and reproducibly placed.

The Hummingbird line offers a ICP sensor, AirPulse, which measures pressure through an air column. Hummingbird offers a number of industry products first. AirPulse ICP eliminates the need for costly capital equipment between the sensor and the patient monitor, and can be re-zeroed while the sensor is in the brain.

InnerSpace said that the Hummingbird is MRI compatible and offers the only ventricular catheter with a sensor located in the parenchyma, thus avoiding measurement problems in a slit, shifted, or occluded ventricle. Hummingbird is available nationally and will be sold through the InnerSpace sales network.

Ben Bobo, vice president of InnerSpace, said: “With these products and our national sales and marketing support network, InnerSpace is more than ever a resource and partner with surgeons and nurses working to treat traumatic brain injury that affects thousands of patients a year.”