Cardiac Network, Inc. has announced the first sales for the lifesaving HeartOne Club Monitoring System nationally, after successfully concluding its development and testing period. The HeartOne Club is owned by Cardiac Network and operated separately from Cardiac Network’s clinically prescribed cardiac monitoring services. The HeartOne Club is a revolutionary and lifesaving heart monitoring service that will allow patients to order HeartOne Club monitors directly from its web site. Until now heart monitors have generally been available only through prescriptions with long waiting times. The novel HeartOne Club Monitoring System assures all who own a monitor that they will have access to the HeartOne Club’s heart monitoring services and professional staff 24 hours a day, 7-days a week and every day of the year. HeartOne Club provides a real-time option for evaluating cardiac related symptoms and in the event of a potential cardiac emergency. Statistics show that 65% of heart attack victims take too long to seek the required emergency treatment. This is mostly due to their uncertainty regarding whether symptoms are heart related or not. Time is critical as death rates double within two hours from experiencing the first symptoms of a heart attack. Those who quickly get to the Emergency Room, greatly increase their chances of survival and of preventing irreversible heart damage. The following are HeartOne Club features: •Members will be able to speak with a CCI Certified Technician, supervised by a board certified cardiologist and available 24/7 in case of an emergency. • Member’s emergency contact information and previous ECGs are securely stored in the HIPAA compliant HeartOne database for immediate access and individualized evaluation of his or her condition. • Medical staff adheres to symptom evaluation protocol and quality assurance measures designed by Cardiac Network’s Medical Advisory Board. • In the event of an emergency, Cardiac Network’s staff will stay on the line to help its members through the emergency procedures: • Immediately arranges for a local ambulance • Notifies the member’s regular physician and emergency contacts • Transfers ECG and relevant information to the Emergency Room to expedite treatment and increase chances of survival. The monitors that work anywhere and transfer data through a telephone will be available as part of enrolling in a membership program. Members will pay a monthly monitoring fee that varies depending on the type of heart monitor and promotions in effect at the time of enrollment. "With the HeartOne Club, anyone can afford peace of mind for themselves or family members that cardiac evaluation is immediately available should they experience symptoms associated with cardiac health problems," stated Mr. Michael Swartzburg, President and CEO of Cardiac Network Inc.