On January 1, 2008, California State’s new regulation (Title 20) prohibited the sale of most single speed pumps in California. Further, local utilities are offering rebates to both swimming pool owners and installers for replacing existing single speed pumps with more efficient models. Cyclonatix’s BLDC motor exceed these requirements and all other pump motor’s performance since other manufacturer’s products are merely dual- or multi-speed AC motors. The company’s Motor is the easy-controllable, continuous variable-speed BLDC Motor with higher efficiency and thus less electricity consumption. The company is in discussion with Jandy Pool & Spa Products, Division of Water-Pik, Inc., Petaluma, California, and with other pool & spa water pump manufacturers for development of their new variable-speed water pumps.

“The Cyclonatix BLDC motor(s) have applications in commercial and medical industries. The commercial applications include electric bicycles, golf carts, police/security scooters, air-conditioning systems and water pumps. The medical applications are inclusive of mobility scooters and hospital beds. We will keep our shareholders and investors informed of distribution programs currently under negotiation with the Cyclonatix BLDC motor(s),” stated Chris Wirth, chief operating officer of Ingen Technologies.