US-based cardiovascular imaging firm Infraredx is set to introduce new Advanced TVC Imaging System and the Muller NIRS-IVUS Catheter at the American College of Cardiology’s 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting in San Diego, which will take place from 14 to 16 March.

The FDA-cleared Advanced TVC Imaging System has been developed to identify lipid-core plaques (LCPs), which will complicate stenting procedures and suspected to cause most heart attacks.

Infraredx CEO Don Southard said: "Over the past 25 years, there have been few technological innovations in intravascular imaging systems that compare with those introduced in the TVC Imaging Systems.

"At the ACC Annual Meeting, we look forward to unveiling our latest advancements, which we believe will be of great value for the care of coronary patients, and move closer to the goal of preventing the initial onset of heart attacks."

Infraredx’s first-in-class intravascular imaging system is said to improve the management of coronary artery disease by providing information critical to the assessment of vessel structure and plaque composition or otherwise called true vessel characterization.

The system also features firm’s proprietary Extended Bandwidth IVUS technology, which provides multiple signal frequencies to produce a sharp image of the complete vessel that allows for easy identification of the lumen, plaque and vessel structure.

The device allows cardiologists to predict the risk of peri-procedural heart attacks by evaluating the presence and extent of LCPs, in addition to degree of stenosis.