IneedMD chief technology officer Robert Riola has entered into discussions with Tianjin's Wuqing District deputy head Shuming Zhong in regard to Chinese Food and Drug Administration approval for the manufacturing of the EKG Glove.

IneedMD expects to expand in Tianjin for this powerful and exciting new technology. The two met in person last week at the Harvard Club to discuss this endeavor.

The EKG Glove has already received both FDA approval and the EU’s CE Marking, and IneedMD is now reaching out towards China for its manufacturing, and distribution capabilities.

Initially developed by IneedMD co-founder Dr Govindan Gopinathan, the EKG Glove is an advanced new technology that is recognized on a global level.

Riola said that China has a particular need for the product due to their massive population and explosive economic situation.

Zhong will lead both Riola, and Dr Gopinathan on a Tianjin-sponsored tour of the facilities and the area to determine the best way to move forward in this mutual cooperation.

They will be discussing the finalization of the EKG Glove’s approval with the Chinese FDA to ensure that the Chinese people can benefit from this new and advanced medical technology.

Once cleared, IneedMD will be working with the officials in the Tianjin region to begin manufacturing of the EKG Glove and distribution within the Chinese marketplace.