The new smartest medication tracker connects to the Android or iOS smartphone app, allowing individuals to notify a critical temperature, and is claimed to be the first device to have a remote warning capability.

The device is capable of tracking temperature round the clock for both medication in-use and stored in a refrigerator.

The Insulin Angel team intends to raise $55,000 on Indiegogo, with Pioneer pledges including shipping starting at $40.

Insulin Angel co-founder Steve Miller said: "Indiegogo is the perfect platform for Insulin Angel, as it is made up of a community that cares about health and values innovation, value and technology focused on improving peoples’ lives.

"We are hugely excited to be launching this product to the Indiegogo community, and look forward to hearing how Insulin Angel could positively impact the lives of thousands of people around the world."

The device uses a Nordic Semiconductors n51882 BLE chip and communicates with any smartphone that is Bluetooth 4.0 capable, including iPhone 4S+ and Android 4.3+.

It features technology that offers an integrated solution from backend and the remote notification function uses the relayr Open Sensor Cloud to deliver alerts on carer’s phone.