A researcher from India has developed new wearable device, the Inner You (INYU), which has been designed to help an individual to track the status of heart, both in terms of medical and emotional.

Switzerland-based SmartCardia co-founder and CEO Srinivasan Murali was quoted by Press Trust of India (PTI) as saying: "The Inner You (INYU) is a wearable device that helps the user to track and manage his or her physical as well as emotional health."

The device can be used to track electrocardiogram (ECG), breathing and key vital signs of users, according to Murali.

The INYU delivers the signals immediately on the mobile phone, and also is capable of tracking the emotional and physical health conditions such as the stress level, body fat and physical activity, noted Murali.

The developer plans to make the device available at a price of INR9000, reports PTI.

Murali further added: "For example, the variation in time intervals between heartbeats is related to the stress level. The conductivity of the skin, reflecting the amount of sweat-induced moisture on the skin — is determined by the emotional intensity, while breathing is a good indicator of the activity of the autonomic nervous system.

"I hope the device will be highly beneficial for India. It can be used to track Electrocardiogram (ECG), breathing and key vital signs of users, so that they can get timely feedback from the doctor."