GeneCell’s laboratory partner, CureHealth Diagnostics, will be the first reference laboratory in India to offer the test that depends on IncellDx’s advanced molecular diagnostic technology to qualify the biomarkers associated with risk of cervical cancer.

The objective of the test is to detect and qualify the expression of vital oncogenes that are responsible for triggering progression to cervical cancer, resulting in a higher specificity that existing tests lack, claims IncellDx.

GeneCell managing director and CureHealth laboratory director Dinesh Gupta said that IncellDx technology utilizes a flow-cytometry based method that can be used to identify the overexpression of HPV-encoded oncogenes, offering a better indicator of serious HPV infections than can be accomplished by identifying the presence of HPV DNA alone.

"This addition to CureHealth’s growing line of molecular diagnostic tests for women’s health (cervical cancer, breast cancer and sexually transmittable diseases) underscores our expanding specialization in advanced clinical and diagnostic testing," Gupta added.

IncellDx founder and CEO Bruce Patterson said, "The high level of specificity our technology produces has a significant, positive economic impact on healthcare delivery costs by potentially reducing the number of unnecessary colposcopy/biopsies."