IncellDx has entered into an agreement with BioReference Laboratories to conduct a 10,000 sample study called Slique, designed to compare slideless and liquid-based Pap smears.

OncoTect 3Dx, which uses a proprietary flow cytometry-based technology, is designed to improve and automate the process.

IncellDx CEO and founder Bruce Patterson said liquid-based cytology represents an approximately $5bn market opportunity for the company.

"Our OncoTect 3Dx™ technology has the potential to increase the sensitivity and specificity of the liquid-based Pap smear while it simultaneously reduces the cost and turnaround time," Patterson added.

BioReference Laboratories CEO Marc Grodman said, "We expect that OncoTect 3Dx™ has the potential to be disruptive in the marketplace both here in the United States and anywhere in the world where cytology resources are scarce."

IncellDx and BioReference expect the study to provide sufficient data to plan a FDA trial for the OncoTect 3Dx technology.